Part 1Edit

Greg: [Narrating] Our church group went down to the sanctuary where we can take our photograph in private. The 1st thing we had to do was figure out which church group member was gonna be in the picture.

George Fleer said we should take a picture of his bellybutton. But Dad said that would be too obvious because George has a serious outie, and all of the other church group members would know EXACTLY who it was.

We tried taking pictures of other young kids in our group, but the rest of them were just too obvious.

Part 2Edit

At 1 point George Fleer started chasing Manny around with his outie, which was very disturbing.

See? this is the kind of thing I can't stand about young boys my age. When it comes down to it, they're just a bunch of wild animals at the zoo.

When George started chasing Manny around, I excused myself to go to the men's restroom so I could brush my teeth.

Part 3Edit

Every single 1ce in a while, either me, Rodrick, Manny or somebody else would cut the cheese, and that made Dad really mad because he couldn't figure out who was doing it.

After what happened earlier with the pictures, I think the grown-ups at church were just really sensitive about anything having to do with behinds.

Dad said that if any of us needed to "pass gas", 1 of us had to go behind the men's restroom door to do it.