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"Diaries Of A Wimpy Kid and a 9th Grade Ninja-Two boys, One Amazing Story" is a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Super Special book that is also a T.V movie.


When Greg Heffley and his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, go on a field trip to Norisville and Rowley and Greg(Book only) fall smitten to a girl they meet there, Greg (Film only, Howard gives advice to both in the book)tries to give him advice.


•Randy Cunningham

•Howard Wienerman

•Randessa Cunningham

•Greg Heffley

•Rowely Jefferson

•Holly Hills (Movie only)

•Rodrick Heffley (In book, but mentioned in movie)

Differences bettween the book and T.V MovieEdit

In the book... In the T.V Movie...

Book:Greg and Rowley both like Randessa Movie:Only Rowley likes Randessa

Book:Howard gives both advice Movie:Greg gives Rowley advice

Book:The Dance was receduled Movie:The dance was a week after the Westmore students came

Book:Randessa and Greg go to the dance Movie:Holly and Greg go to the dance instead

Book:Holly is not in the story Movie:Holly is in the story


•This was realesed in a boxed set with Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules, and Dog Days, the first three Wimpy Kid movies.

•This was also realesed in a T.V Movie DVD and Book bundle called "Read And Watch Bundle" exculsively at Walmart.

•The film is a combonation of Live Action(Wimpy Kid secnes only) and Flash Animation(Randy Cunningham secnes only) due to one being Live action movie series and the other being a Flash animated cartoon.

•The Movie was the 4th Wimpy Kid movie(1st T.V Movie overall) and the first ever Randy Cunningham Movie.

•The movie, when on T.V, is sometimes split into three parts.But shown in full at special times.

•The film premired on Disney Channel as a DCOM(Disney Channel Oridinal Movie), despite Randy Cunningham:9th Grade Ninja being a Disney XD show.