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I just want to say i'm glad we have the day off today. It is just one of those times that come every now and then so I decided I would try to make the most of this because a day off in March is a rare oppertunity. HOWEVER, Mom wants me to go with Rowley to Karate today and she does not want to hear any excuses.


Karate was one of the most traumatic things I have done in my whole LIFE! I mean our teacher wanted us to do 100 push-ups before we started the lesson, Rowley never said anything about that, Second of all I had to do an extra 100 push-ups because my karate teacher says that I do "girl" push-ups. And the service was horrible, I asked if I could have a snack but our teacher says its "unhealthy" to eat a snack while doing karate, Fourth our teacher told us that on Thursdays the women are doing areobics in the dojo and we have to practice outside, All would of been FINE by me if it wasn't raining that paticular day.


Well NOW i'm mad, Apparently we have to do karate on a SATURDAY! Who in their right mind would make innocent kids do karate on a Saturday?! It's the day of kicking back and relaxing! Not the day of chopping and fighting!. Anyways after the lesson I asked mum if I could quit and she asked me why. I told her the whole story. Our teacher told us we had to "spar" against each other, The teacher put me with some 15 year old kid who is as hairy as 2 gorillas and well lets just say he fractured my arm and possibly cracked my skull. Mum asked dad to see what he thought, And after a while he just told me to "toughen up" and gave me a hard pat on the back