Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Eagle Heist
Author Filtheyrich1
Illustrator Filtheyrich1
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Eagle Heist is the 15th book.


Every kid loves their birthday so does Greg, but first Greg must survive the Before Birthday Days with weird school quests, bad present giving family members, and a crazy eagle. Can Greg live through his birthday or not see his next birthday?



Sunday- Well tomorrow's my last day... not on earth I mean of summer vacation. I'm kinda glad summer's over because the last two months were terrible, but the first month was great stayed up late playing Twisted Wizard and sleeping in all day. But the other two months was bad my parents forced me to go to Summer School! The reason why is because on the last day of school I found out I failed History so every 6:00 A.M. I had to wake up while Rodrick and Manny got to sleep in and reread all the stuff I had to read last year. The only best part about it was it was only 2 hours, but still it's cutting into my Twisted Wizard time.

Monday- Today was the first day of school and I was half asleep during every period even when I got home I fell asleep. But my parents woke me and Rodrick up and told us something I never thought would ever happen to my family. Today was Manny's first day of 1st grade and the school called Mom and Dad and told them Manny passed 1st grade!  Manny read a book cover to cover in front of his whole class! And he took a test without even studying! So Mom and Dad decided to let Manny skip to the 3rd grade! Now Rodrick didn't care, but I cared because when I was in 4th grade I asked Mom and Dad if I could skip to 8th grade, but all they said was I would be skipping a lot of fun? I don't know what that means, but they didn't even tell that to Manny so I went to bed mad thinking I could have been in college now. TBA.