The 9th Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book. Release date 7th may 2006


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Greg and Rowley become friends again, but Manny has some secrets in his own hands and shares his secret, and now Greg is getting teased at school? Will Rowley fight for his BFF? Or will Greg's doom will come?


Page 1: It's not really great to have a baby brother. As they just cause a lot of trouble into you and guess what? Manny has been calling people and telling them embarrassing things about me to the students at my school and I'm worried about getting teased at school. I mean when did Manny learn to use the PHONE? it doesn't make sense and hes too young.

Page 2: I walked to school with Rowley for the first time in forever. told me Twisted Wizard 7 was coming out and they already had action figures for them at the mall. I can't get the game cause my system broke, thanks to Manny, for putting water in it. I was excited for the action figures, but not the game. So, it's a good effect on Rowley, but not me.

Page 3: When I walked to school, a bunch of people started calling me "Bubby", I knew this would happen, so I ignored those people and walked to class. Too bad for me today is the first day and believe it or not, What makes things WORSE is that I cant stop that thing from happening.

Page 4: I cant help but wonder how Manny managed to tell the school but at least it could have been WORSE. After all, it could have been the pig doing it instead.

On the other hand its still bad regardless because I am being called "Bubby" thanks to Manny.

Page 5: Of course... It didn't just pass on to the students but also the TEACHERS as well.