Greg Heffley:"Rowley,Give Me Credit for Zoo-Wee-Mama, I was the one who came up with the idea!"

Rowley:"It wasn't you're idea,its all mine idea,so go away.""

Greg:"No Way!,I was the one who came up with the idea,not you!"

Rowley:"Oh Really?"*Punches Greg On the face*

Kids Gather Around

The Kids:"Come on! Come on!,Fight! Fight!"

Greg:"Take that!"*Kicks Rowley in the main part*

Rowley:"OWWW! That really hurts!,but this will even hurt more then that!" *Grabs a Rock and throws it at Greg's Leg*

Greg:"AAHH! You broke my leg you jerk!

Rowley:"I'm The Man!"

Greg:"No you're not! You'r a little baby! You Sleep with a bunch of stuffed animals at night,but i don't! who's the man here?!"*Jumps and kicks Rowley in the waist"

Rowley:"AAAOWWWHHH!I'm the Man! I had got a Zit and you never had one! never,never,never,never,never,neveer! *Pushes Greg*

Greg:*Falls off on the ground and groans*That ugly Zit doesn't makes you a man! *Gets Up*Now this will fix you're brain! *Punches Rowley in the head*

Rowley:*Falls off* Then take this too! *Finds a long and strong stick and hits greg*

Greg Falls down.

Vice Principal Roy comes

Vice Principal Roy:"Why are you kids wounded?"

A Random Kid:"They were fighting over for who has the credits to Zoo-Wee-Mama.'

MR.ROY:"Greg, you know that,Rowley is the one who wrote it,don't you?"*looks at Greg with a angry face"

Greg:"I remember a long time ago, I went to Rowley's house *Groan!* I came up with a idea called Zoo-Wee-Mama.

Mr.Roy:"What Rubbish! Come to my office Greg!"


  • Rowley laughs with a evil grin.*
  • Kids pick up Rowley and cheer him and throw him in the air*

Rowley:*Falls Down on the Ground* AAOOWCHH!!

Kids:MuwhahahahahahahahhMuwhahahahah,Greg said the right thing! you're a kid!

  • Kids Drop stuff toys on Rowley*

KIds:"Now Sleep in them!"

KIds laugh and go away.