Heffley Family is a middle class family from the United States and are main characters of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Nuclear FamilyEdit

Frank Heffley-Husband of Susan Heffley and father of Rodrick,Greg and Manny.

Susan Heffley-Wife of Frank Heffley and Mother of Rodrick,Greg and Manny.

Manny-Youngest Son,Younger Brother of Rodrick and Greg

Rodrick-Eldest Son,Elder Brother of Greg and Manny

Greg-Middle Son,Younger Brother of Rodrick,Elder Brother of Manny.

Extended Family (Incompleted)Edit

Gammie Heffley-Grandmother of Frank,Great Grandmother of Rodrick,Greg and Manny,Wife Of Chester Heffley, Mother of Grandpa,Reba Heffley,Arthur Heffley,Charlie Heffley.

Chester Heffley-Husband of Gammie Heffley,Deceased.

Gary Heffley-Frank and Joe's younger brother,Presumably former husband of Sonja and Gary Heffley's Wives.

Joe-Heffley-Frank's younger brother and Gary's elder brother.

Terence-Frank's Second Cousin

Bryon Heffley-Frank's cousin

Bruce Heffley-Great uncle of Greg,Rodrick and Manny,Deceased